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I'm a Lebanese-Greek freelance public policy advisor and United Nations consultant with nine years of professional experience in the social sector and in project management. My fields of expertise range from capacity-building and gender equality to governance, humanitarian assistance, and media and telecommunication. I'm also an Oxford graduate in public policy and Oxford-Said Foundation Scholar.


Growing up in Lebanon amid war and dysfunctional socio-political policies, I devoted my career to the social sector where I worked for six years at the United Nations both in the field with the World Food Programme (WFP) and in Geneva alongside decision makers and Nobel Laureates.


Most recently, I worked with journalists at the Thomson Reuters Foundation and at the International Telecommunication Union on reshaping narratives and promoting human rights. Occasionally, I enjoy writing articles and speaking for the media about social issues as well as volunteering on certain initiatives.

Passionate about storytelling and acting, I aspire to shape new narratives through every aspect of storytelling which a career in freelance allows me to do. On the side, I also enjoy democratizing public policy on my Instagram channel where I curate content for people interested to learn more about the field.

Should you be interested in working or collaborating with me, please reach out using the contact section of the website. You can also find further information about my background and the initiatives I worked on in my CV below. 


University of Oxford
Master's in Public Policy, 2020
(Full Scholarship) 

Fordham University, 2015
Graduate Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance, Honors, 2015 
(Full Scholarship)

University of Copenhagen
Exchange Year, 2014

University of Paris VII - Paris Diderot
Bachelor's in Sociology, Honors, 2014


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